About the operation of ForkMe!

I want to log out

Click the user name at the top right of the screen to open the member information dialog. You can log out by clicking the "Signout" link in the middle of the dialog.

Trouble shooting

Slow loading

Close all browser tabs and windows and then reopen ForkMe!. If the speed still does not improve, we recommend using a high-speed PC with more memory. Since ForkMe! Performs most of the processing with JavaScript on the local PC, the performance of the browser and PC greatly affects the processing speed.

Display language is strange

Click the button with the language name in the upper right corner of the screen and select the display language. ForkMe! has an automatic determination function for the language used, but it is executed only when the root document (/) is displayed for the first time. After that, the language displayed immediately before will continue to be used.

Browser back button doesn't work

ForkMe! does not accept browser "Back" and "Forward" buttons. To return to the list, click the "List" button at the top of the screen.

The cursor position of the editor unexpectedly moves to the beginning

If the processing speed of the browser is significantly delayed, the cursor position of the editor may move to the beginning during editing. If it happens frequently, close all tabs and windows and restart your browser.

"Jump to code" button behaves strangely

It is not unusual for the selection position to change each time you click. For more efficient code search, each time you click, the word is partially matched to search the file and rotate the hit position. If the code is not selected even if you click it, the processing speed of the browser is greatly delayed. Close all tabs and windows and restart your browser.

Display contents differ between list screen and detail screen

Make changes to the code on the details screen and press the save button. The summary generation for the list screen may have been interrupted during the last save. Such problems occur due to situations such as closing the browser or disconnecting the network during saving.

You will be asked to log in again

Please log in again. ForkMe! Keeps you logged in in your browser, but may require you to log in again for security reasons.

Multiple designs cannot be opened at the same time

ForkMe! is designed to edit / view code in one tab, so you can't have multiple tabs or windows open at the same time.


ForkMe! and Reindeer

ForkMe! is provided by Reindeer Technology PTE. LTD.
Reindeer wants to reach out to all people by supporting the use of the cloud.
A society in which anyone can create services on their own will bring freedom of expression and diversity of values. We also believe that it promotes the redistribution of wealth to all and brings equal wealth and well-being to people around the world.


Reindeer Technology PTE. LTD.


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